Client/Member connection to Access Point

the 'G' box proposed by Phil consists of
one 4" soil pipe sleeve
one end cap
one reducer to 1.5"pipe
1m of 1.5" pipe
two 1.5" pipe clips and screws
or one 4" pipe clip

two terminal blocks ( for five volt cable)
length of low voltage cable
10m Ethernet (crossover)
one Netgear ME101
and not forgetting Vaseline for the seals
no special tools required unless drinking wine when a corkscrew is useful

This was assembled by Nick who added the length of 1.5" pipe for adjustment purposes.
It houses a Netgear ME101 LAN~WiFi device
an additional length of cable is used to extend the low voltage (5volts) line
to the device from a convenient indoor power point saving the cost of a Power over Ethernet unit
A 10m length of Ethernet (crossover) cable connects the device to the computer
running OS Linux Red Hat 9

Possible improvements:
use of White Soil pipe to reduce heating due to Sun !! not a problem in UK
addition of internal reflector to reduce noise and give a little dBm gain
However it works ok and has done so since 15th August 03

this was made up out of bits that were left over from plumbing work at Phils Pub
but should cost approx £12 from Builders Merchants we are making next unit out of
solvent welded Soil Pipe fittings for use in an agricultural environment
and Phil has designed a Power over Ethernet unit which is out on test

Photo (c) DigitalParish 30/08/03